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In removal of Football Kenya Federation officials from office, the FKF caretaker committee came with great hopes for Kenyan football. Little did we know the history of some few members in the FKF Caretaker committee.

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This is a man who always wants things to be done in his way. He was a former vice president during the Football Kenya Limited regime of 2007-2011 under the presidency of the late Mohammed Hatimy. During this time, Titus Kasuve and Hatimy took Kenyan football to a limited company after winning elections, something which did not go well to other football stakeholders and government which forced uncle Sam Nyamweya to form Kenya Football Federation alongside Twaha Mbarak, Simon Mugo and other renowned football stakeholders under recognition of the government which later had numbers and dominated in the 2011 FKF elections. Titus Kasuve came last and rejected by football stakeholders in those elections. Sammy Tiyoi Sholei won in 2011 Vice president elections by gunning 1383 votes under Hussein Mohammed ticket. Sam Nyamweya’s candidate Hassan Omar came second with 1225 votes while Josephat Murila came third with 381 and the FKF Caretaker committee member and head of referees committee Titus Kasuve came last with 118 votes only in the late Mohammed Hatimy ticket. From 2011, Titus Kasuve was not seen in the reem of football till last year’s appointment to the FKF Caretaker committee.



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During the formation of Football Kenya Limited, Titus Kasuve appointed Alfred Ndinya to be the referees manager. Under this regime, those who were friendly to them got quick promotions to FIFA level. After 2011 elections, Ndinya like Kasuve was not seen in the football reem till 2016 when Nick Mwendwa was elected. Alfred Ndinya was appointed to be referees appointment committee member. He served only one year alongside others and were removed for massive corruption during appointments.

Alfred Ndinya bounced back in the FKF Nick Mwendwa regime in 2019 when he was appointed a member of the electoral board.

Kasuve later appointment him to be referees manager (the same position he held in 2008-2011 At FKL) in the FKF Caretaker committee.


The FKF electoral code section 3.1.a states that:

For an appropriate period of time in the context of the FKF Elections, the FKF National Executive Committee shall set up an Electoral board as per

Article 39 (1)(P) and Article 61 of the FKF constitution and within

FIFA electoral principles. The members of the Electoral board shall be

proposed by the FKF National Executive Committee at the FKF

General Assembly preceding the elective general assembly for

ratification. The FKF National Executive Committee shall also

propose to the FKF General Assembly for ratification three

substitutes. _The mandates of the members of the Electoral board as well as the three substitutes shall last for four years. They shall not serve for more than two terms of office, whether consecutive or not._



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Kenya got a new constitution 2010. Sports issues were not covered fully which caused the establishment of sports act no 25 of 2013 whereby all sports guidelines were addressed. By this time, Sam Nyamweya was the president of Football Kenya Federation. He and his office aligned the sports act no 25 of 2013 with FIFA statutes in the year 2014 but failed to comply with article 46 of the act. During 2016 February 10th FKF national elections, the sports registrar was in agreement with all aspirants that whoever was to win to comply with sports act 2013 article 46.

Nick Mwendwa won. Instead of complying with sports act, Nick Mwendwa went ahead to change the constitution of FKF 2017 to earn him two fresh terms. In realizing that he will not be funded by the government of Kenya, he quickly went and registered Football Kenya Federation as an interim national sports organization on 24th may 2018. He failed to do elections in accordance with the sports registrar regulation act 2016 section 20 till his removal.


Nick Mwendwa being an alie of the Deputy president William Ruto (who helped him clinch to the FKF president in 2016) tried to amend the sports act in the senate through the motion which was brought in the floor of the house by Kericho senator Hon Aaron Cheruyoit last year September where he was proposing that

a) Clubs should be registered as companies instead of sports club as per the sports act 2013 article 46.2.a

This meant community clubs were nolonger to exist and no elections will be done.

b) Any one to vie should have passed through FKF trains.

This meant some people were to be locked out because they were not friendly to FKF and not passed through saude courses and training then they will not be able to vie for any elective position.

c) Hon Cheruyoit tried to delete the word branch as it is in the sports registrar regulation act 2016.

This meant that FKF will have operated without branches (of which the word branch does not appear in the preamble of FKF constitution) hence making them eliminate them from the constitution.


And other more changes…….


County Football Associations petioned against the proposals in the senate about the changes.



The FKF Caretaker committee mandated to align FKF constitution with sports act 2013 and sports registrar regulation act 2016 failed terribly when Titus Kasuve who drives Nick Mwendwa ideas in the committee to align the constitution with the sports act 2013. In their proposal, the caretaker committee did not include pertinent extracts as they are till county football associations came with their proposals. Their preamble was(is) wanting, phrases and definitions did not include word sports act, sports registrar, Sports Disputes Tribunal, branch and county football association. In the electoral code did not include chapter six documents as per section 20 of the sports registrar regulation act 2016. This were efforts of Titus Kasuve and Alfred Ndinya who were serving the interests of Nick Mwendwa and FKF branches to do away with county football associations.

The last efforts of Kasuve is to hand over powers to FKF upon leaving the FKF Caretaker committee, little did he knows that the caretaker committee has no mandate to hand over power to another people.

Titus Kasuve and Alfred Ndinya are being blamed for earning big allowances but ignoring suffering referees who have gone 5 months without payments. Mombasa referees were forced to abscond duties last weekend which has forced the committee to make partial payments.



Upon appointment, they came with great expectations but have finished their term without any productive progress. They failed to run division two leagues and grassroot football. They failed to align FKF constitution with sports act 2013 and sports registrar regulation act 2016 and finally do elections in accordance with the sports act 2013 and sports registrar regulation act 2016 despite earning big allowances during sittings. is keen to get the detailed report shared by the FKF caretaker committee to the sports cabinet secretary madam Amb (Dr) Amina Mohammed yesterday.

Their term expires on 11th May 2022.

Titus Kasuve is the man said to drive and dictate the FKF Caretaker committee and the county football associations have sweared to sue him after the exit from the committee for gross misconduct and misuse of office. Nairobi county football association has written two letters to the cabinet secretary for sports Amb (Dr) Amina Mohammed requesting his removal. They have also requested the sports registrar to revoke the certificate of Football Kenya Federation because FKF failed to do elections in accordance with the sports registrar regulation act 2016 section 20 at the same time FKF Caretaker committee have failed to conduct elections. They are saying if county football associations are given the interim certificate, they’ll conduct elections within 90 days as required by the law. The next action relies in the hands of the CS madam Amina.

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