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Caroline Mutuko stole from me,a middle aged man cries for jusitice as he claims of being exeploited by multi-choice reprasentatives in singing competion

Post by : Lydia

Through one of his Social media handles the man reached out on one of our platforms claiming to be a victim of Corruption and blackmail deeds.

In his statement Stephen Ofwaya says and I quote “am now living in extreme poverty as the white criminal (pictured below) from multi-choice hides in South Africa.”

He goes on to say “it was in 2004 when I had an advertisement in kiss 100 with Caroline Motuko saying, if you know you can sing, its time for you to rise to stardom, all one needs to do is head to Multi-choice.”

“Multi-choice has come up with a competition in which whoever wins will be given one million shillings before being flown to South Africa for an all African artists competition, so what every artist needs to do is head to Multi-choice, there’s a certain lady their called Gladys whom they’ll get, the one who sings for her nicely and impresses her, is the one she would declare the winner.”

“I went on 17/3/2004 and on arrival, I noticed artists entering one by one in a small hall that Gladys was in, when it was my turn i sung very nicely to her that she became impressed eventually declaring me the Competitions winner, she asked me if I had a phone or a phone number, I replied I didn’t and she go out with me.”

“After that they introduced Mindspeak to me and gave me security which escorted me to where i used to live, the security personnel were dressed in blue uniforms and were about ten in number.”

“When Motuko saw this she rushed to the White Man whom I probably think was the one who came up with the competition, his name was Simon Camerer she told him I’m the one with whom she had fallen for, the one whom she would like to marry.”

“On hearing this he got so surprised and told her that from the time she had known her, he never knew that she had interest in men, that he had been admiring her for a long time, that the guy she said she wanted they were the ones who made it possible for them to meet by bringing the competition, that they still had the power to change things to work in her favor by granting the one million shillings to her instead, not only that he had the power to make her queen, only if she would agree to get intimate with him.”

“She accepted the offer later on, this is after her employer was informed of the plan, the employer saw the move as something that would bring forth a lot of pride to the company.”

“They then gave her the money, selling a lie that she was my wife, before changing their minds to say that I was only Mind speaks preacher and also the owner adding that i should be called King, Christ or even god. Because they wanted this secret to be never seen by the public eye, they blocked any means that would see me reveal it on radios and when I decided to use the internet the White man then chose to seek refuge in South africa.”

“Unfortunately the man who was to give me the winning credentials turned out to be the criminal and each time I raise my complaints on their pages, they refuse to respond and I end up getting blocked, I don’t have much to say anyways nice time.”

I responded with words of sympathy to the sender and asked him if he could kindly record himself and send the video so that I could air it, maybe he’d get help and up to now am still waiting for his response.

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