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Crackdown on unauthorized covid-19 vaccination centres leaves Ruai Family Hosptal closed down indefinitely

Post by : Lydia

The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists council (KMPDC) yesterday through their Legal officer Stella Kanja confirmed that they had issued a notice revoking the operating license of the Ruai Family hospital, this following repression by the councils officers on different facilities across the country that found the hospital and its Administration as one of the designated facilities guilty of Contravening rules that govern the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in the sovreignity.

From credible information retrieved by the board after following the laid protocols prescribed for it to ensure fulfilment of its mandated duty of regulating the practice of medicine and health organizations, the hospital was found to be at fault for placing the health of the general public at risk, this is after Vaccines that were meant to be strictly administered in the facility had been found in other premises that had not received the designation of being COVID-19 vaccination centres.

Speaking to newsrooms after receiving the summons directing him to appear before the Councils Disciplinary and ethics committee on Wednesday September 1st accompanied by all personell who had been delegated duties that involve handling of the dispatched vaccines, The Chief executive officer of the Hospital Dr. Maxwell Okoth defended the Hospitals management stating that the Lady who was in charge of administering drugs out of the hospital had already tendered her resignation letters and was no longer a Doctor employed by the organization.

On the question of how did the vaccines which had the hospitals batch number attached to them get dispatched to other destinations on their watch knowing very well it was unlawful, the CEO responded in defense once again stating that it was not until they were doing their audits that they realized about 160 vaccines could not be accounted for and that they had been taken from the facility without their knowledge.

It now remains to be seen on what verdict the Board would come up with after questioning those involved in the events leading to the Revocation of Ruai Family hospital’s operating license.

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