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Post by : Lydia

In a statement sent to, Nyamweya said that over the last five months, Kenyan football has been on the spotlight following the move by the Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed to disband the Football Kenya Federation executive.
“We, the stakeholders welcomed the move by the CS because as it was, our football had taken the wrong direction under the former leadership.
We remain appreciative to the CS because she has offered leadership both in her ministry and also in our football.
But six months down the line, we now have to move to the next level.” Nyamweya said.
He added that kenya have had a Caretaker Commitee which was appointed by the CS and now the Transition Commitee who came into force a few days ago. Over that period, Kenya have been suspended from international football by FIFA due to what they termed as government interference in football activities.
According to him, the action by FIFA was expected, but now time has come for the world body to take cognisance of the realities on the ground, we must accept the will of the Kenyan stakeholders and the respect the rule of law.

The former officials went to court to challenge the government’s decision and lost.
“Therefore, it is my view and that of the millions of football lovers and stakeholders across the country that Fifa must now swallow it’s pride and sit on a round table with the Kenyan government to fix the impasse. Fifa must now respect the court ruling which in essence lent credence to the action the CS took last November by sending the then federation officials home.” Nyamweya added.

The government and CS Amina have been committed to bringing sanity to Kenyan football and Fifa needs to appreciate this by working with the CS to set a roadmap towards fresh elections that will usher in leaders who are committed to rebuilding the game we love.
The situation as it is currently is so grim. The clubs have lost hope and players losing their livelihoods.
“We must fix our football as soon as possible.
Fifa must look at the bigger picture and help save the game instead of it’s continued hard stance against the action by the minister which to many Kenyans has helped get rid of a management that was taking the game to the bottom of an abyss.
The minister is on the right path but must move with speed. She means well and has goodwill and we must support her as stakeholders
The Transition Commitee should quickly transit to normalisation committee and organise elections as soon as possible.” Nyamweya concluded.

This comes after former FKF branch officials have called a meeting on this sartuday at Moi sports centre kasarani to try and fix the Kenyan football mess in a Consultative meeting which has raised questions on it’s credibility and legality. The fate of Kenyan football is in the hands of government and FIFA.

Photo via facebook by Sam Nyamweya

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