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I want to wake up in Kenya PART ONE AND TWO.

Post by : Lydia

When things went south in my country Kenya, I decided to travell to middle east, in search of green pasture.

We arrived at Jommo Kenyatta international airport, around 1 pm, unlike other people who were escorted by their friends and family, I was alone with my small handbag carrying only three clothes, because i informed non of my family or friends, i called them on the last minute to say bye.

We checked in at the plane left Kenya 6 pm. I sat next to the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, I learned that she was called Stephens, 35 years old a white African girl, from south Africa. And she was traveling to Lebanon,to visit her boyfriend. I learned that she didn’t have kids and she wasn’t ready to have kids. Because she got weed and cigarettes to smoke,alcohol to drink and sex to enjoy she didn’t have time to takecare of annoying kids, though she promised to get two kids when she is old and boring. We chatted a little, I told her few things bout my lovely country Kenya and little about myself. As soon as she turned to sleep, I got lost in thoughts, questions emerged in my mind, will i ever come to kenya?? Will I ever see my people?? especially my mom??? What kind of people I’m going to meet?? Are they Muslims?? Are they Christians ??? Are they good people ?? Will they kill me, and I never see my people again ??? To be honest, I feared the answers. I took out the viza, I examined it, trying to answer some of my worries. The viza contained the contract agreement, number of people i was going to serve , street address , House name, house number and the name of my sponsor, according to his name he was a Muslim, or so I thought. Now i had clue of my destination but i didn’t know my fate.

We arrived at Lebanon at Kenyan time, also Lebanon time. On arrival our passports were taken, then we were directed to a certain room, which looked more like a cell than airport facility.As soon as I entered in that room, I missed Kenya.

The room was full, that we had to manage. I still remember the funny girl, who kept us entertained with funny stories and the Cameroonian girl who cooled our stomachs with peanuts mix of cakes. We stayed there waiting for our sponsors to pick us. The deputure of each of us, was just like death, you couldn’ predict who is next. Once someone heard her name,she could leave with a goodbye, not knowing when you can meet again. At 10 am I heard my name, I knew my boss was there to pick me, I had waited for this moment for so long , But i wasn’t willing to leave my Kenyan friends, who by
Then, i had felt, they were like my sisters, the arriving of my boss was bitter sweet, i really wanted to see him, but i also didn’t feel like leaving my friends. I picked my bag and said goodbye to my Kenyan sisters, not knowing when i can see them again, I left with a promise, that God willing we will meet again.

I went to meet my boss,He was tall and handsome man ,
he seemed to be a nice guy or so I thought. When I was coming to meet him, the lady at the airport handed me my passport, but after she left, the man took my passport, pretending to see if I’m the one he ordered and that was the last time I saw my passport.

11 am was the exact time we arrived at my boss house, Albacha street, Alibamo buliding 30 minutes drive from the Lebanon international airport. Unlike Kenya where only in tall and business buildings you can get elivetors, in Lebanon each flat had elevator regardless the number of floors. I was warmly welcomed by the beautiful short with nice figure woman, who happened to be my boss wife, I took shower then I went to meet their kids, who was equally handsome especially the second born, he looked more like girl than a boy, that boy was beautiful ,I know boys are not supposed to be beautiful but this one was. They introduced themselves as Shady ,Abdi and Teddy, the woman as Jasimine and the man as Hassan. Even though their names sounded Muslims, trust me, they were Christians!!! This gave me hope, because all along I’m been thinking all Arabs are Muslims, God forgive my thoughts. i had nothing against Muslims, But i did hope, i can find a family that we share same interest, in religion matters. I did thank God of israel for giving me a Christian family,This was now my family, for the next two years. When it was my turn, I introduced myself as Nina the new house help.I was told to go and rest in my room.
The room which was to be my home in the next 2 years was another cell, in fact the room was small than the bathroom I took shower on. But it contained washing machine, working tools and even main switches of everything
including generator was inside that room, in short the room was full,that i had to roll and pack my bed during the day, so that we can move… To continue

Come back for part 2


Before introduction, I had taken strong tea and strange bread. The bread that i didn’t like neither did i know how to eat it, thanks to Abdi the second born son who came to show me how to eat i went direct to bed , and slept my self to death. I wake up to the silent with no movement house, and wondered where the hell was everybody? Is either they were not around or they were sleeping. looking outside it was dark, it looked like we were on the middle of the night and this cleared the thought, of them not being home, definitely they we’re sleeping. But I wondered why nobody bothered to wake me up to eat lunch leave alone dinner!!!!! Was this the beginning of my predicaments??? I feared the answer. I leaned on the window, gazed outside but I couldn’t see anything due to darkness ,but i wasn’t looking at anything Anyway, i only wanted a place with no distractions so that i can think about my people.
I thought about my mum, my dad thought about my baby, my sisters, my brothers my cousins my aunts and friends. My greatest worry was will i ever see them again. Oh my God i wanted to cry.

I heard movements, turning i saw the woman smiling, i think she over heard my movements. To be honest, that woman had charming smile, To my surprise she asked if i wanted to eat!!!! I took long to respond, because Where i come from ,this kind of a quetion is an insult especially to a visitor who had a last meal 2 days ago in a plane. I told
her yes , though i felt insulted. becouese I had no choice. Damn!!! I was so hungry.
she prepared a piece of chicken and French fries. As i atet my food, i learned that ,it was 3 pm, and i wondered why it was dark outside then!!! she told me, that during winter time. the dark begin at 3 pm!!!! I learned that they do change the clock after every session, that meant if it was 3 pm during winter time, it will be 2 pm during summer time!!!
After eating i was taken to call Kenya and i had only ten minutes to speak, i called my mum, litsning to her voice i learned how she longed to hear my voice. Before we finished talking, i was told, time was over, i haven’t finished talking to momy, i wanted to cry. But poor me, the phone was taken away from me. Even though i didnt get enough of my mommy i was at peace, at least she knew my well being.

That day we had fun with little Teddy ,he was friendly and he thought me many games, he enjoyed to hear more stories about Africa, he told me one day he will travel to Africa, and the only reason why he wanted to go African is to see lions, since a lion was his favorite animal.

The following day, i was told to add the name madam when I’m addressing the woman and Mr when addressing the man. The madam showed me around, she showed me how to clean toilets
and so many things.

When Lunch time came they sent for pizza, i couldn’t wait to eat pizza , you know that feeling if you love pizza. little did i know,the pizza belonged to the family and i was not their family!!! After they finnished eating i was served astrange meal from when , i don’t know !! The food smelled bad not becouse it was rotten, food smiling bad was so common to them , they igored the smell and concentrated on the taste. But the food didn’t taste good either. I had no choice than to eat it for surval… continue

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