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Long wait is over as last year ‘s kenya certificate of secondary Education candidates awarded slots in diffferent institutions of higher learning across the family

Post by : Lydia

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service today released an official statement announcing placement of some 4,359 Alumnis from different secondary schools across the country.

Students who had successfully gone through the prompted stages set when applying for placement by the body finally got to learn of their fate after being placed in different universities,Tvet institutions and Polytechnics, this following scrutiny of their requests by the National agency, which then approved that they had met the minimum requirements set in order to undertake selected courses in their preferred organizations of learning.

An encouraging fact is that the said figure represented 90% of those individuals who had actually sat for the National Examinations, as Government continues to set its sights on their achievement of the 100% transition goal.

Now what remains for this students after getting informed of the institutions they will be joining in their pursuit for higher learning, is getting wind on when they would actually report for admission as the schools new students.

Parents and guardians on the other end are now being expected to dig more in their pockets looking for different means of earning, this would help ensure their children would be well equiped and ready for a new adventure in learning, without forgetting them being comfortable in new learning environments is a crucial element in ensuring that this individuals excel in this next phase of learning.

Those guarantors towards a students education who unfortunately lack the financial muscle that would help see through their learning without any issues, would now look forward to urging their Kins in starting to look towards attaining the necessary documentations such as National Identity cards and Kra pins, key requirements when applying for loans such as that from the Higher education Loans Board (Helb) which grants financial loans that help bail out clever but needy students.

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