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Post by : Lydia

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11th June 2021

REF.: Consultancy on Training on capacity building, business development and financial management

Dear Sir/Madam,

In the framework of the project sponsored by the Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation Farming the future. Sustainable value chains in agriculture for ASAL in Kenya implemented by the IPSIA Ngo, CeLIM Ngo and the local partner Laikipia Permaculture Centre, we are calling for a consultancy on Training on capacity building, business development and financial management for n.11 Self Help Groups within Laikipia County, Laikipia North sub-county.

Therefore, IPSIA Ngo invites you to submit technical and financial proposals in accordance with the documents attached to this letter. The Client intends to hire an individual, firm or no-profit organization to provide consulting services on Training on capacity building, business development and financial management.

The selection will be guided by IPSIA policies, in compliance with the Donor’s rules and regulation and under the Quality and Cost-Based Selection method.

Kindly submit your proposals to the Procuring Entity using the forms attached to this letter by the 25th day of June 2021 at 13.00 p.m. EAT by e-mail to the following addresses: and, or, alternatively, to the following address;

Laikipia Permaculture Centre

Kariunga Village, Jua Kali – Umande Road


Thanks in advance for your time and collaboration.

Best regards,

Giulia Dal Bello

Project Manager

Farming the Future Project



The Client

Institute for Peace Development and Innovation (IPSIA)

P.O Box 16-60200 Meru – Kenya

Title of the Consultancy: Consultancy on Trainings on Capacity Building, Business Development and Financial Management

General information
Participation in this tender procedure is open to the invited tenderers and to those which applied through the relevant advertisement platforms.
Tenderers shall be consultancy firms, non-profit organizations or individuals.
Objective, timeframes and description of the assignment are detailed in the Terms of Reference attached hereto.
The estimated duration of the assignment shall be of 6 weeks and the expected date of commencement shall be agreed before signing of the Contract.
The Tenderer shall familiarize themselves with local conditions and take them into account in preparing their proposals. The costs of visiting the Sites shall be at the Tenderer’s own expense.
The Tenderer shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of his/her tender and with the negotiation of the Contract, including any visit to the Client, and the Employer will in no case be responsible or liable for those costs.
The procurement entity’s employees, committee members, board members and their relative are not eligible to participate in the tender.
Both Technical and Financial Proposal shall be delivered in the standard forms attached hereto by the 25th June 2021 as per Letter of Invitation.
Request of clarification and amendment
Tenderers shall request for clarification on the Tender Documents via e-mail, no later than seven [7] days prior to the deadline for submission of tenders. The procuring entity shall provide responses by the deadline.
Before the deadline for submission of tenders, the Client may modify the tendering documents. Any addendum thus issued shall be part of the tendering documents and shall be communicated in writing to all Tenderers. Prospective Tenderers shall acknowledge receipt of each addendum in writing to the Client. The Client may at his discretion extend the deadline for the submission of proposals.
Preparation of tender documents
All documents relating to the tender and any correspondence shall be in English Language.
The tender submitted by the Tenderer shall comprise the following: –
The Technical Proposal (as per Standard Form) and required documents;
The Financial Proposal (as per Standard Form) and required documents;
Declaration of honor on exclusion criteria, as per Annex to this document.
Any other material required to be completed and submitted by Tenderers.
Preparation of Technical Proposal

In preparing the Technical Proposal, candidates are expected to examine the tender documents. Material deficiencies in providing the required information may result in rejection of a proposal.
The Technical Proposal shall include the following sections using the attached Standard Submission Form (ANNEX 2):
Experience of the Consultant in the relevant field
Summary of the proposed Consultancy
Objectives and Expected Results of the Consultancy
Description of Proposed Activities
Staff assigned to the assignment
Any information not reported in the required format will not be considered in the evaluation.
Supporting document for the technical proposal

The Tenderer shall attach to the Technical Proposal the following documents:
valid certificate of registration/incorporation or Practicing License/Certificate;
CVs of the proposed staff.
Failure to attach such documents might result in the rejection of the application
Financial Proposal

The unit rates and prices shall be in Kenya Shillings.
The Financial Proposal should be expressed by filling the attached Standard Submission Forms (ANNEX 3). Material deficiencies in providing the required information may result in rejection of a proposal.
The rates and prices quoted by the Tenderer shall not be subject to any adjustment during the performance of the Contract.
All costs associated with the consultancy shall be included in the Form (remuneration for staff; equipment and services, activities costs, administrative costs and taxes)
The financial proposal shall remain valid for a period of sixty (60) days from the date of submission. However, in exceptional circumstances, the Employer may request that the Tenderers extend the period of validity for a specified additional period.
Submission of Tenders
The proposal shall be submitted electronically to email address: and
The Tenderer shall write one e-mail with the following attachments:
the PDF format of Technical proposal;
the PDF format of Financial proposal;
The subject of the email to be “Consultancy Training FtF – Capacity Building”
The email shall be sent before the deadline as per letter of invitation. Any proposal received after the closing time and date for submission of proposals shall be rejected.
Evaluation and Selection
An Evaluation Committee nominated by the Procuring Entity will evaluate the proposals using the Quality and Cost-Based Selection method.
Technical Proposal

As regards the Technical Proposal, the Evaluation Committee will take into account the following criteria:
Professional Experience and Capacity of the Candidate
Technical Proposal (Relevance of the proposed activities, methodologies and work plan)
Proposed staff for the assignment (evaluation of CV)
Financial Proposal

After Technical Proposal evaluation, the Client shall open and evaluate the financial proposals for consultants that met the minimum qualifying mark in the technical evaluation.
The evaluation committee will determine whether the financial proposals are complete (i.e. whether the consultant has costed all the items of the corresponding Technical Proposal and correct any computational errors). The cost of any unpriced items shall be assumed to be included in other costs in the proposal.
In all cases, the total price of the Financial Proposal as submitted shall prevail.
This is a fixed sum contract and no variation of prices shall be allowed during the contract execution.
Negotiations and Award of Contract
Negotiations aiming at reaching an agreement will be held at the premises of the Procuring Entity, of address: Laikipia Permaculture Centre, Jua Kali – Umande Road
Negotiations will include a discussion of the Technical Proposal, the proposed methodology, work plan, staffing and any suggestions made by the firm to improve the Terms of Reference.
The Client and selected candidate will then work out final Terms of Reference, staffing and bar charts indicating activities, staff periods in the field and in the head office, staff-months, logistics and reporting.
The agreed work plan and final Terms of Reference will then be incorporated in the “Description of Services” and form part of the Contract.
The aim will be getting the most suited candidate within the available budget and to clearly defining the inputs required from the Client to ensure satisfactory implementation of the assignment.
Having selected the candidate on the basis of, among other things, an evaluation of proposed key professional staff, the Client expects to negotiate a contract on the basis of the experts named in the proposal. Before contract negotiations, the Client will require assurances that the experts will be actually available. The Client will not consider substitutions during contract negotiations unless both parties agree that undue delay in the selection process makes such substitution unavoidable or that such changes are critical to meet the objectives of the assignment. If this is not the case and if it is established that key staff were offered in the proposal without confirming their availability, the tenderer may be disqualified.
The negotiations will conclude with a review of the draft form of the Contract. To complete negotiations the Client and the selected firm will initial the agreed Contract.
If negotiations fail, the Client will invite the firm whose proposal received the second highest score to negotiate a contract.
The Contract Agreement will incorporate all agreements between the Employer and the successful Tenderer. It will be signed by the Employer and the successful Tenderer within 30 days following the notification of award.
The procuring entity may at any time terminate procurement proceedings before contract award and shall not be liable to any person for the termination.
The procuring entity shall give prompt notice of the termination to the tenderers and on request give its reasons for termination within 14 days of receiving the request from any tenderer.
Information relating to evaluation of proposals and recommendations concerning awards shall not be disclosed to the consultants who submitted the proposals or to other persons not officially concerned with the process, until the winning firm has been notified that it has been awarded the Contract.

Ethics clauses / Corruptive practices
Absence of conflict of interest

The procurement entity’s employees, committee members, board members and their relative are not eligible to participate in the tender
The tenderer must not be affected by any conflict of interest and must have no equivalent relation in that respect with other tenderers or parties involved in the project. Any attempt by a tenderer to obtain confidential information, enter into unlawful agreements with competitors or influence the evaluation committee or the contracting authority during the process of examining, clarifying, evaluating and comparing tenders will lead to the rejection of its tender and may result in administrative penalties according to the Financial Regulation in force.
Corrupt or fraudulent practices

The procuring entity requires that the consultants observe the highest standards of ethics during the selection and award of the consultancy contract and also during the performance of the assignment. The tenderer may be required to sign a declaration that he has not and will not be involved in corrupt or fraudulent practices.
The procuring entity will reject a proposal for award if it determines that the consultant recommended for award has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for the contract in question.
Further a consultant who is found to have indulged in corrupt or fraudulent practices risks being barred from participating in future procurement with the client.
Zero tolerance for sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment:

The Procuring Entity applies a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ in relation to all wrongful conduct which has an impact on the professional credibility of the tenderer.
Physical abuse or punishment, or threats of physical abuse, sexual abuse or exploitation, harassment and verbal abuse, as well as other forms of intimidation shall be prohibited.

The Consultancy falls under the Project “Farming the Future. Sustainable value chains in agriculture for ASAL in Kenya”, coordinated by IPSIA in partnership with CELIM and Laikipia Permaculture Centre, and financed by the Italian Agency for Development and Cooperation (AICS).

The main objective of the project is to increase households’ income and food security through improved management of natural resources. The main actions consist of training and supply of equipment for agriculture, access to water, support to supply chains suitable for dry climates and strengthening the tourism sector.

One of the main objectives of the Project is to improve the productivity of the existing business activities currently conducted by 10 Women Groups and falling under the value chain of aloe, opuntia and honey. In order to enhance the knowledges, expertise and organizational skills of the groups and their members in governance, financial management and business development, IPSIA plans to train N.770 members of N.10 women groups.

Purpose and Scope of Assignment
The main objective of the consultancy is to facilitate the training of 770 beneficiaries which are members of 10 different women groups (Self Help Groups) on group dynamics, governance, financial management, business development, conflict management and resolution, among others.

To achieve the objective, IPSIA has carried out a need assessment (available upon request) and will engage a qualified and experienced consultant company/consultant individual to execute the assignment.

The specific objectives of the consultancy are to:

Develop training modules on the suggested area and in other areas deemed importance in improving the capacity of the groups
Develop a training plan for delivery of the modules
Train the members from the 10 women groups as follows:
training on group dynamics, governance, business development and conflict resolution. The beneficiaries will be trained for (at least) 2 consecutive days per each group; as regards the most numerous groups, only a limited number of beneficiaries will be trained (up to a maximum of 40 participants). The trainings will be conducted at the group level
training on financial management for at least 2 days for the representatives of the 10 groups. The training will be conducted at Laikipia Permaculture Centre offices
The beneficiary will be selected by IPSIA and will be registered in advance.

IPSIA will also provide support for the logistics and organizational aspects and will facilitate mobilization of beneficiaries.


The group members to be trained are of low literacy level whereby 95% are from the Maasai community. The recommended delivery languages should therefore be Swahili and Maasai
The cost of meals, transport and accommodation for the beneficiaries will be met by IPSIA where necessary
The cost of meals, transport and accommodation for the Consultant shall be borne by the Consultant, thus included in the Financial Proposal
The stationeries (pens, notebooks, flip charts, felt pens etc) to be provided by IPSIA
Expected Outcome and Deliverables
Inception report highlighting a detailed workplan, timelines and methodology to be submitted within 5 days from the commencement of the assignment;
Detailed training report with all the ingredients highlighted in the scope of work to be submitted within 7 days from completion of the assignment;
Training manual to be shared with the Client at completion of the duty assigned as attachment to the Final Report.

Notes on the preparation of the technical proposals

In preparing the technical proposals the participant is expected to examine all terms and information included in the present form. Failure to provide all requested information using the standard forms provided in this Section shall be at the consultants’ own risk and may result in rejection of the consultant’s proposal.


Summary Table (1 page)
Please fill the summary table below

Name of the applicant
Country of incorporation/registration
Date of incorporation/registration
Type of organization
Objectives of the consultancy
Expected results of the consultancy
Main Activities of the consultancy
Duration of the consultancy

Experience of the Consultant
Using the format below, provide information on each relevant assignment for which your firm, and each Associate for this assignment, was legally contracted either individually as a corporate entity or as one of the major companies within an association, for carrying out consulting services similar to the ones requested under the TOR. The Consultant must demonstrate that s/he has a proven track record of successful experience in executing projects similar in substance, complexity, value, duration, and volume of services sought in this procurement.

Maximum 20 pages

Assignment name:

Approx. value of the contract (in Ksh.):
Country: Location within country:

Duration of assignment (months):
Name of client:

Total No. of staff-months of the assignment:
Address, and contact details (including email address(es)):

Approx. value of the services provided by your firm under the contract (in current Ksh):
Start date (month/year): Completion date (month/year):

No. of professional staff-months provided by associated consultants:
Name of associated consultants, if any: Name of proposed senior professional staff of your firm involved and functions performed (indicate most significant profiles such as project director/coordinator, team leader):
Narrative description of project:

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

Objectives and Expected Results of the Consultancy (max 2 pages)
Kindly describe the proposed objective and the expected results of the consultancy

Methodology (max. 5 pages)
Kindly describe in detail the proposed methodologies that the Consultant will adopt in the implementation of the project activities. Include any best practice or specific experience of the Consultant in adopting such methodologies.

Description of Proposed Activities (max 10 pages)
Kindly describe in detail all the activities that will be implemented, providing as much information as possible on the proposed implementing strategies and arrangements.

Deliverables (max 1 page)
Kindly describe how the consultant will report on the proposed deliverables for this assignment

Please fill the workplan form below (kindly add how many rows are needed).



Timeframe – Weeks Deliverable
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Staff assigned to the action
Please fill the templates below with key information of the relevant staff assigned to the action and attach their CVs.


Notes on the preparation of the financial proposals

The Financial proposal prepared by the tenderer should list all the costs associated with the assignment. These costs normally cover remuneration for staff, transportation, accommodation, services and equipment, any other costs related to the implementation of the proposed activities. The costs should be broken down as per the following template.

The financial proposal shall be in Kenyan Shillings (KSH) and shall take into account the tax liability and cost of insurances specified in the request for proposal.

The financial proposal should be prepared using the Standard forms provided below.

Detailed Budget
Please fill the summary template below (kindly add how many rows are needed).

Date: Applicant:
# Description Unity Unit Cost Quantity Total Cost
1 Human Resources (inclusive of all expenses)
1.1 Technical Staff
1.1.1 Training Fee day
1.1.2 day
A. Subtotal Human Resources
2 Logistics
2.1 Accomodation and meals day
2.2 Transport day
B. Subtotal Logistics
3 Documentation and materials
3.1 Inception Report qty
3.2 Final Report qty
3.3 Training Aids qty
3.4 Training Manual qty
C. Subtotal Documentation and materials
4 Administrative Costs and Taxes
4.1 VAT
4.2 Withholding tax
C. Subtotal administrative costs and taxes

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