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Post by : Lydia

Few hours after the arrest of Nick Mwendwa the Football Kenya Federation president, several counties have released their statement in regards the status of football in Kenya. The press release sent to through Nyeri county football association Secretary General Mr Samuel Ritho reads:-

NCFA welcomes the move BY HON. CS: AMINA MOHAMMED to disband the Football Kenya Management and the subsequent installation of a Care Taker committee to bring back sanity in Kenyan football.

NCFA also convey it’s congratulations to the Hon. Justice Aaron Ringera on his appointment as Chairperson of the Caretaker Committee and welcomes the Committee apt move to act and execute it’s appointed role for the greater good of football sport in the country.

NCFA furthermore lauds the move by the Committee to cease all top tier leagues activities and further recommends the ceasing of football activities across all levels inclusive of County & Sub County level as the two levels also make part & parcel of the contention within the FKF that has occasioned conflict in the management of Kenyan football; until such a time normalcy resumes in the management of Kenyan football.

Nyeri County Football Association pledges unequivocal support to the Sports CS and the committee in her quest to ensure Football Kenya Federation’s full compliance with the provisions and requirement of the National Sports Act, and ensuring that fair and all inclusive Football Kenya Federation’s elections are conducted across the National, County as well as the Sub County levels; in accordance with the Kenya National Sports Act.

NCFA wish to finally to convey it’s wish to the Committee through the Sports CS, that henceforth County governments County Executive Member for Sports in various counties to only engage the appointed “F.K.F Care Taker Committee” on matters concerning football, until such a time a new legally mandate office is installed at Football Kenya Federation. has also learned that the caretaker committee allowed branch and sub branch leagues to continue despite questions arising on who are mandated to run football activities in the county level since county football associations are dully registered while branches are FKF oriented. Peter Kimani who is the chairman of Nyeri County Football Association confirmed that they will run Nyeri football affairs alongside his able secretary Mr Samuel Ritho and Moses Maina the county Treasurer till caretaker committee conducts fresh elections as directed by the minister in charge.

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