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Nick Mwendwa Under siage After Senetor declearing his stand on the impromptu to FKF inspection

Post by : Lydia

Football Kenya Federation president is facing exit after the Nairobi senator Johnson Sakaja who is the chairman standing committee on Labour and Social Welfare cleared the air that inspection is a requirement in accordance with the sports act 2013 article 52 during the senate standing committee hearing on Thursday 4th November 2021. He went ahead refuting the purported ambush by the inspection team in Kandanda House as claimed by FKF president Nick Mwendwa and FKF CEO Barry Otieno that the the sports registrar made announcement of their inspection in public using media houses without making even a call to them, nor text message, email address or a letter to inform them about the same. The super senator for Nairobi County said according to the sports act, no provision that gives a guideline on how communication should be made nor to make the names of the inspection team public has Football Kenya Federation were claiming. reached Nairobi County Football Association Secretary General Wilfred Marori who represented the association alongside Chairman Charles Njoroge and Karanja Itotia, Marori said that Football Kenya Federation already has risked a caretaker committee by not submitting the required documents in time for inspection. “You know, Nick Mwendwa and FKF are so much worried because they are oparating illegally. Upon registration, it is a requirement by the sports registrar rules and regulations act 2016 section 4.3.i which states *subject to the act 46 of the Act, an application for registration of sports organization shall be accompanied by:-
Audited reports on accounts of all its activities and the use and disbursements of all its funds for its preceding financial year together with such other reports as the registrar may require from time to time.*
This is a very new vocabulary to FKF, Mr Marori continued. I think the senate Committee is handling this matter from top to bottom. A registered body knows auditing and inspection is a norm. The ministry of sports should nullify FKF elections and order the sports registrar to conduct a fresh one in accordance with the sports registrar rules and regulations act 2016 section 20, registered clubs to elect officials with chapter six requirements in the county football associations, county football associations officials elect to vote for national football organization. We can not live in a country where one violets the laws and he is still funded by the government, goes freely without accounting the government resources and walks freely.The president of the Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), Jamal Malinzi,was arrested by the country’s Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau on 30th June 2017 so Nick Mwendwa should not be exception and the senate committee should know there is a very big difference between *intervention* and *interfering* . FIFA bans a country upon *interfering* but full supports government *intervention*
I am proud that our super senator Sakaja stood firm on the law during last week’s sitting and we are more cautious about those senators who claimed to be friends of the committee. We need to know their interest on this matter, we need a fair hearing from all parties involved as we going back to the senate on Thursday 11th November 2021 and the laws of this country to be adhered to accordingly. We have confidence with the senate standing committee under the chairmanship of senator Sakaja and we hope all the findings will be put into public as the government reacts to them. learned that the inspection committee has delivered their report to the cabinet secretary, ministry of sports, culture and heritage today afternoon.

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