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No one to trust ???? A woman narrate how someone she loved and trusted drugged her, and did unthinkable things to her !!!!

Post by : Lydia

In today’s topic of sweet love gone sour, I’ll be highlighting the sad tale of a girl who goes by the name Hope) not her real name.

In her case she narrates a summarized traumatic experience she underwent under the hands of someone whom to her was the love of her life, someone who would turn on her, exploiting her trust in the event not only leaving her with physical scars but also maiming her emotionally.

In her post to one of the Facebook groups which she’s a member of, her update would read as follows;” Hi guys?, i need your help please, there’s this guy am currently dating and I happen to love him so much although he seems to not have any interests in me and as much as I’ve tried to move on it has become difficult, so the day before yesterday I called him and requested if we could meet up and have a talk like the grown ups we are, his response was we meet up at his house, I agreed to it and upon arrival I was granted a “warm welcome” which was in form of a glass of juice as the conversation started.”

“As we continued talking, it came to my attention that he wasn’t taking his drink and upon asking him why, his excuse would be he had already taken some, sadly it would appear that I had fallen in some sort of trap as no sooner had I finished my cup when I began feeling dizzy and my vision became blurry, on trying to stand up I would collapse on the floor and eventually pass out.”

I would regain consciousness 9 hours later only to find myself I an isolated room, confused and half naked I shockingly woke up to the sight of being sorrounded by six men, the sad revelation being the architect behind my abduction would be the man I called the love of my life, as I wanted to open my mouth and ask what was actually going on I got to know that I had been taped.”

“I would then be knocked out even before I would make any effort to rescue myself, this time my ordeal spanning from bad to worse on waking up as I was totally naked, with cuts and brutally gang raped, now they had left the room unlocked but because of how exhausted i was, i sat down on the floor in disbelief trying to recall what had just taken place.”

“After sometime I gathered some energy, fought through the hunger and pain I was experiencing and reached for the door, on opening it, it dawned on me that it was night time though I was unable to tell exactly what time it really was, i staggered my way out of the house and ended up fainting somewhere in the streets.”

“I found myself in the hospital on waking up, to my surprise I would be told that I was already two months pregnant, though due to the trauma caused at the hands of my assaulters, I would unfortunately end up having a miscarriage, now my “boyfriend” cannot be located although my Parents can breath a sigh of relief as I had gone missing for two days.”

“Currently am so depressed, not knowing where to go on from here, i even had the thought of committing suicide, so if anyone is out there who can be of assistance, please come through and help me.”

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