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Owner flees as five storey building collapses in Gachie kenya kiambu county

Post by : Lydia

What would appear as a normal day for the residents of kahara area in Gachie Kiambu county, quickly turned tragic when a Residential building still under construction would curve in during the mid hours of the day.

It is said that the workers were busy laying up the sixth floor slab when the unthinkable happened, the aftermath of the collapse being several individuals being trapped inside the rubble.

Efforts to rescue those who had been trapped in the resulting debris would begin immediately, a task which would be very challenging as rescuers would take hours to locate those who were believed to be missing, this happening as their families watched on the unfolding events filled of anxiety.

By 8:10 am today 1person had been reported dead after succumbing to his injuries with 8 others being rushed to Kihara level IV Hospital to receive treatment and are currently believed to be in stable condition.

From Police statements it is said that the developer of the Apartment is on the run after getting word of what had happened, a witness confirming that the owner to the building had ignored a notice issued by the County Government of Kiambu to put a halt to any activities that were getting underway on the site, this following concerns raised to authorities by the residents about the manner and speed with which the structure was being erected.

We now remain hopeful that the five people still believed to be trapped within the scarmishes would be rescued safely and those who are found to have been negligent resulting to yesterday’s unfortunate occurrence be brought to book.

Photo via twitter

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