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Rise in police brutality continues to spark angry protests across different parts of the country

Post by : Lydia

Just the other day we saw two young brothers from Embu who potentially had bright futures ahead of them tragically loose their lives at the hands of the Police, individuals who apart from maintaining law and order a task laid upon them by the Kenyan Constitution, are also responsible for protecting the lives of the “common mwananchi”.

The unfortunate event would illicit a lot of angry response from citizens and even caught the attention of the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Hillary Mutyambai promised that the matter would be investigated and those behind the murders brought to book.

The Police Boss would foresee to honor his pledge as it would not take long before those suspected to be behind the gruesome killings were arraigned in court for hearing, but hardly had the dust even settled when we would wake up about a week later to the sad revelation that nothing had changed within the Police force.

John Kiiru a “Boda Boda” operator in Kayole would be found lying dead on the road and from the information collected from witnesses, it is believed that the 38 year old was on his way home after a busy day at work when he was ambushed and cornered by some Police officers who were on patrol, in the name of enforcing curfew rules John would be beaten up and left helpless on the scene where he later succumbed to his injuries.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse, a “Tuk tuk” operator in Kahawa west Kiambu County was shot dead early yesterday, from reports it is said Police were trying to disperse irate Traders who woke up to the surprise of their stalls being demolished by The Nairobi Metropolitan service department, this they claimed happened without them even being issued with a Notice of eviction.

It is true that fire can’t be fought with fire but we know that at least the flames can be cooled off, this I say because even though the Nation has been served with statements of Promise from the Internal Police Oversight Authority (IPOA)that the cases of rogue officers would be dealt with in the shortest time possible, we are still seeing this crimes against humanity by those who are supposed to be protecting our wellbeing continue to rise, therefore its up to us to voice our frustrations and Peacefully match on the streets in unisorm demanding and end to Police Brutality.

Photo via twitter

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