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Some chaotic scenes reported in Kemera market as UDA Nyamira’s Gubernatorial candidate Walter Nyambati addresses Wananchi

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*Just in from Nyamira County*

Photo Via Facebook

Some chaotic scenes reported in Kemera market as UDA Nyamira’s Gubernatorial candidate Walter Nyambati addresses Wananchi. His security sighted with knives and canes have beaten some guys for “being in our rally and you don’t support us”. Albino slaps some guys for unclear reasons.


Photo Via Facebook

• The event took place at Tombe and it was organized by a group of elders calling themselves “Gusii culture council”. Given that it was for Abagetutu, in my view, it was not well mobilized to required standards.

•Mzee Nyambati started his speech by majorly focusing on his development record while serving as MP for Kitutu Masaba. The record has often been subject to controversy. There are those who support his legacy, others don’t.

•Mzee talked of two major road networks (Metamaywa-Mosobeti) and Kemera-Amabuko, Rural electrification to schools, markets and other public facilities, talked of hospitals like Gesima, school infrastructure like Nyambaria, administrative units, CDF office etc.

•He seemed to suggest that most of his work stalled during the administration of Hon. Bosire, adding that under Shadrack Mose’s reign, most things have now picked up. He also said opinion polls rank him as the most popular candidate from Kitutu Masaba..

*On bid to lead Nyamira*

In what seems to be his manifesto, Hon. Nyambati highlights key issues that he will look at once elected as Nyamira’s 3rd governor.

>Health: He says there are no hospitals and drugs in Nyamira, adds that based in his previous record and with help of Nyakiba, he will streamline this sector.

>Education: Hon. Nyambati says he will ensure all ECDE teachers are employed on P&P. He notes that Nyamira doesn’t have ECDE classes, will work on them. Further, he says once he takes over, he will ensure secondary schools are well furnished. He also talks of bringing a university to Nyamira.

>Water: He also observes water crisis, says he will fix it once elected.

>He talks of youth empowerment and corruption and how he will handle it. Adds that he will ensure his administration creates wealth and employment opportunities. He also condemns clanism.

> Campaigned for DP Ruto, said the DP understands the problems of common mwananchi than “blue band boys”

*Half-truths and lies*

There is no doubt that Nyambati is a respected elder who we hold highly in the society. We can’t wholesomely say that he did badly during his tenure as Kitutu Masaba MP. However, some take ins.

1. It’s under Hon. Nyambati’s administration clanism entrenched in Kitutu Masaba. Development was based on how he scored from certain regions. Bursary allocations were purely based on who is who.

2. Under Hon.. Nyambati’s leadership, suspicious billionaires emerged in Kitutu Masaba. We all know them. There is a time money was awarded to Nyamache Mange Secondary (non existent) and Nyakegogi dispensary (abandoned and only done later by Nyagarama). We also had the Moitunya market which has stalled to date.

3. On roads, the two major roads he talks about were conceived during Anyona’s era, pushed by Okioma and Nyambati… Implementation takes place under Bosire’ administration, they later stall during Mose’s era.

4. There are Health centers in Nyamira and even sub County health facilities. Most have stalled since Nyagarama died. I concur with him that they should be completed. We also need a system of monitoring drugs in our hospitals.

5. On Education, the county started recruiting ECDE teachers. Whoever takes over should talk of pushing the number from 600 to around 1300. I agree that quite a number of schools do not have ECDE centers.

b). Secondary education is not a role of County Government. A governor cannot build and maintain Secondary Schools. He should have talked of Vocational Training Colleges. I agree that on Governor Bursary, we need it but we should revert to the law that was put in place by Nyagarama, later mutilated by MCAs and Nyaribo. On University, that’s a debate for another day

6. On Water, the new governor should audit boreholes shoddily done by the current administration and even the drilling machine, later ensure that water is pumped to strategic points where wananchi can receive it through gravity. He lied that there is no water.

7. On clanism, he’s the least qualified based on my aforementioned points during his leadership in Kitutu Masaba. Importantly, I raised issues about today’s event because he was packaging himself as Omogetutu candidate rather than Omonyamira.

8. He needs to carefully articulate his issues on national politics especially based on current dynamics. He is free to sell Ruto but should moderate his language.

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