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Yesterday, the cabinet secretary for sports, culture and heritage Amb (Dr) Amina Mohammed announced the transition committee with just an extention of the FKF Caretaker committee, with the same mandate. Nairobi county football association Secretary Mr Wilfred Marori has come out to make his remarks regarding the same. The cabinet secretary stated that she used article 54.1 to appoint the transition committee.

In a statement sent to, Marori stated the following ; “I feel that the transition committee has little to do in 5 weeks which they never did in 6 months. Of course questioning if she had powers to do so, this can only be challenged in the court of law, but article 54.1 gives the cabinet secretary for sports powers to appoint a committee. My only worry is, is it possible to exercise that mandate in 5 weeks? Of course we know some people have been frustrating the previous committee, i am proud Titus Kasuve was left out. It is good also to clean the appointment committee of referees because some were appointees of Kasuve ”

On 1st March 2022, Mr Wilfred Marori had written to the cabinet secretary for sports, culture and heritage Amb (Dr) Amina Mohammed requesting her to remove Titus Kasuve from the FKF Caretaker committee for double standards.


Looking at the mandate;

1. The mandate of the Transition Committee shall be to:

(a) conduct the affairs of Football Kenya Federation in accordance with the Constitution of Football Kenya Federation;


Marori commented, “According to me they have, the FKF caretaker committee failed to run FKF leagues right from the grassroot level to top league by not paying referees, not paying clubs facilitation fee, poor league management etc”.

(b) ensure that Football Kenya Federation operates within the

provisions of the Sports Act, 2013;


“In their proposed amendments in the FKF constitution, they failed to align the sports act and sports registrar regulation act with key words like the branch, county sports association, sports registrar, sports disputes tribunal, insert of chapter 6 in the electoral code etc….. ” Mr Marori said.

(c) co-ordinate and ensure the smooth running of Football Kenya Federation operations, including team preparations for local and international sporting events;


Marori said that Currently we don’t have harambee stars coach, we are unable to honor Cameroon vs Kenya match, they failed to organize harambee starlets match vs Uganda etc hence cannot conduct any national and international affairs.



(d) co-ordinate and facilitate the validation of the draft Constitution of Football Kenya Federation.


“The validation of the constitution draft is far from the sports act and sports registrar regulation act hence it should be reverted and amended correctively.” Marori stated.


The Transition Committee shall hold office for period of five

weeks with effect from the 11th May, 2022;


The Transition Committee shall be assisted in the execution of its mandate by the Secretariat.



Marori said that the secretariat should also be empowered to be a decision making organ because by assist alone it means it’s upon the committee to be final decision makers.


All communication to the Transition Committee shall be

addressed to the chairman.


“This is true because some members get themselves powers which they don’t have.” Marori stated.


“We urge the government to fasten the negotiations with FIFA on the formation of normalization committee. The report by the FKF caretaker committee was so much wanting.” He continued


On their recommendations, some were questionable as follows:


That the FKF Constitution be amended to comply with the Constitution of Kenya

and the Sports Act. The Committee has developed a Draft Constitution annexed

to this report which we recommend be shared with FIFA and subject to its concurrence, be subjected to a validation process by members of FKF and adopted by the General Assembly as the amended Constitution of FKF.


> The draft constitution should be shared to the public before shared to FIFA since we were asked to give our inputs, we see whether included or not.


That following the adoption and enactment of the FKF Constitution, Elections of the FKF officials be conducted in compliance with the Constitution of Kenya, the Sports Act and the new FKF Constitution.


> Their draft missed article 6 of the Kenyan constitution, sports act and sports registrar regulation act.


That the FKF hands over the running of the leagues to a Limited Company for efficient and effective running of the leagues.


> This cannot be applicable, Football Kenya Federation were in conflicts with Kenya Premier League Limited hence companies liabilities are limited.


That the Ministry of Sports, Heritage and Culture adopts the report contained herein on the commercialization of football as a sport including the appointment of a Director of Football who is to be a government employee.


> I agree with few powers.

e) That the Sports Registrar and FKF work in harmony to ensure that clubs and branches comply with the provisions of Section 46 of the Sports Act and the FIFA club licensing rules on registration. The committee noted that the current branches of the federation are not compliant with the Sports Act whereas the

County Football Associations are compliant with the Sports Act but are not

members of the Federation. There is need to harmonise this by the Sports Registrar working with the Federation to ensure that only one body per county

is running football and that the said body is recognized by the federation and is

compliant with the Sports Act.



> This is very obvious. County football associations are dully registered to run football activities in the county level.



That the FKF adopts a more transparent and accountable governance system that involves disclosure of information including its sources of funding(FIFA, donors,

Government etc) to its members and that these funds be utilized for

nurturing/development of sports and towards infrastructure development.


> Of course this is a public national organization


That the FKF digitalizes its processes by adopting an Enterprise Resource

Planning(ERP) system including the appointment of referees, fixtures, training

calendars, online ticketing, introduction of artificial intelligence cameras in the

football grounds and introduction of analytic experts.


> Very true


That the FKF conducts regular workshops for players, club medics and referees to promote awareness on sports science including nutrition, anti-doping, injuries

and treatment as well as endorse the importance of medical insurance for all players.


> I agree


That FKF ensures that all leagues currently being played by men are also

introduced for women players. These leagues include NSL and DIV 2. Further that the FKF introduces leagues for under 13, 15 and 17 for both boys and girls in

liaison with the Primary and Secondary Schools Sports Association.


> 100% support.


That the government ensures that all sports facilities that are used for football meet international standards as stipulated by CAF and FIFA.


That the appointments of Coaches, technical persons and match officials be on clear contract terms.


That FKF introduces beach and futsal leagues.




He finished by calling upon the transition committee to work in hand with registered county football associations in harmony with grassroot football.





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