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Why kenyan music is not doing well here in kenya and in other countries .

Post by : Lydia

Kenya is culturally wealthy. However, despite efforts by various stakeholders to promote the country’s culture, more needs to be done. The artistic community can contribute towards this goal by integrating culture in their works. Credit to the artists who have endeavored to tell the nation’s cultural story through their works. Nevertheless, more needs to be done to showcase Kenya’s rich cultural heritage to the world through art. Creative works have a strong emotional appeal to audience, thus creating great platforms through which cultural integration thrives. Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania serve as great examples to Kenya on how art can elevate a country culture to the global scene.
Kenyan creatives can tap into the country’s culture by modernizing their works by fusing modern techniques with cultural elements. This will help them remain relevant in the modern landscape while staying true to their cultural roots. The creative industry has a significant role in giving Kenya its distinct cultural identity. Kenyans musicians, in particular, should compose music that sheds light on the cultural aspects that define their roots. Exporting the country’s rich vein of culture to the rest of the world through their art will market Kenya to its tourist destinations.
Culture is a vital part of a country’s nation. The creative industry is one such avenue through which this rich resource can be harnessed for numerous benefits to the people. Fashion designers, painters and other artists should create collaborations amongst each other to foster cross-cultural linkages and a tight fabric of the country. Kenyans are yearning to consume content they can easily identify with, and exploiting the rich culture of the nation will play a big role in not only propelling the respective careers of the artists but also the socio-economic and cultural development of Kenya.

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